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550/560 SPORTS | center console

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02 Ağustos 2023 - 18:35

550/560 SPORTS | center console

550/560 SPORTS | center console
You’ve reached your first destination before you even get off the pier. You have reached the pinnacle of luxury with the Nor-Tech 550 or 560 Sport. Think of it as your fully loaded and customizable water limousine, perfect for long-distance trips to your favorite islands and beyond. It’s all about you, your wants and needs. Once you get on a 550 or 560 Sport you can’t imagine boating any other way. Handmade sofa sets. Generous swimming platform. Open or closed spring. High cruising speeds with low fuel consumption. Amenities to take your already flamboyant lifestyle to the next level, and they’re all trailerable. The 12-foot beam allows for trailer travel without the hassle of escort vehicles. Welcome to Cloud 9. Motoryat

Length: 56′ Width: 12’Weight: 30000 pounds Fuel: 600 gal

sophisticated power
Launch through the water with the fast propulsion provided by outboard or inboard motors at the owner’s choice. Want range, great gas mileage or torque? Maybe you need more speed, space and versatility. The choice is yours. You and the 550/560 Sport deserve nothing but the best.

Customize your ride
How big would you like your sunbathing mat to be? Do you want a sofa or a second anterior cabin? The Nor-Tech 560 Sport Center Console is fully customizable — everything from layout, bimini and hardware to thread stitching and paint color — is carefully chosen by its new owner. All creature comforts are welcome aboard.

turn heads
The sleek, long waterline of the Nor-Tech 560 Sport Center Console will hook you up and have luxury exclusive amenities, premium JL Sound systems, powerful engines and all the features to keep you coming back for more adventure.

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