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10 Şubat 2024 - 20:04



Couach Naval Shipyard: An Engineering Marvel Beyond Sailing

Shining as the pearl of the maritime world, in the middle of France’s beautiful Gulf of Arcachon, Couach Naval Shipyard has been producing unique yachts for almost more than a century. Since 1897, Couach has been pushing engineering standards to the top with its yachts ranging from 11 to 50 meters in width and achieving the world’s most ambitious construction qualities.

Couach works with great dedication to make his customers’ dreams come true. It shapes its boats in a wide range of ways, from designing them beyond standards to customizing them into a unique boat that will meet each customer’s taste and performance expectations. This customization and attention forms the basis of Couach’s successes in everything from pleasure craft to professional vessels.

It is important to note that Couach is not limited to just luxury yachts. The shipyard also plays an important role in the production of strategic maritime vehicles such as military patrol boats and interceptors. By providing operators with the tools necessary to ensure security in their countries, Couach Naval Shipyard has become a major player in the defense industry.

Located in Gujan-Mestras, the facility has a well-equipped infrastructure to meet the needs of the modern maritime industry. Various units such as the design center, research and development department, engineering office and production workshops maximize Couach’s creativity and technical knowledge, offering unique experiences to its customers.

Arcachon Bay offers a unique environment to test Couach’s products. The landlocked nature and remoteness of ports provide an ideal basis for evaluating the performance of boats in real-world conditions. Couach’s facilities located in the Arcachon Basin continue to produce their unique yachts, using these advantages to provide customers with the highest level of safety and quality.

Finally, the industrial efficiency of Couach Naval Shipyard is also commendable. In 2018, the shipyard built one of the world’s most efficient industrial chains, producing a range of interceptor aircraft in record time. This success shows that Couach is a shipyard equipped not only with luxury yachts but also with strategic defense vehicles.

In short, Couach Naval Shipyard is an engineering marvel with a unique position in the maritime world. Responding to the needs of sailing enthusiasts and the strategic defense industry, Couach has always managed to stand out by combining technology, design and quality.


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