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Drago Boats

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11 Şubat 2024 - 17:59

Drago Boats

Drago Boats

Drago Boats: The Pearl of Greece’s Maritime Tradition

Founded in 1968 and one of the largest boating facilities in Greece, Drago Boats maintains its durability with its many years of experience. The focus of the company is to provide quality performance and reliable boat experiences.

Drago Boats has produced more than 29,000 Sport & Family Cabin cruisers of these sizes from 5 to 13 metres. By focusing especially on exports, it has successfully made its debut in many countries, especially in Europe. This success was confirmed by being awarded the 1st prize by the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2008.

Drago Boats, which participates in Europe’s largest boat shows every year, offers special solutions in patent quality by producing in different areas such as mold production, wooden parts, inox accessories, flooring and electrical parts. It produces custom-made boats to meet special demands such as coast guard boats and professional fishing boats.

In addition, special construction rib boats of different sizes were delivered to Africa, Qatar and Indonesia, and its name was announced internationally. This success is due to the reliable and reliable nature of Drago Boats.

Love and respect for the sea, personal training, continuous maintenance of product quality, sophistication, short delivery terms and customer-oriented service approach are the basic principles of Drago Boats. Drago Boats, which always puts the customer first, has become a brand in the maritime world.

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